Claudia Neumann
Blücherstraße 54
46535 Dinslaken

Tel.: +49 2064-4566255


VAT No.: DE249312795

Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and Writing
The following business and delivery conditions apply solely to all delivery transactions of the Seller. Any deviations to these conditions only become part of the contract if clearly agreed in writing.

2. Applicable Law
German law applies.

3. Contract formation
Offers of the Seller are not binding. The range of products shown on our website, do not represent a binding contract on our part. Please place your order with us by completing the accompanying order form in writing via email, fax or letter. Your order is a binding offer and can be accepted within 2 weeks. A contract is formed once we send you a written notice of receipt, or once we have supplied the ordered items.

4. Prices
Plants include 7% VAT. All other products include 19% VAT.

5. Delivery times
Weather permitting, we will try to consider your request for a delivery appointment, provided that you inform us in due time. Delivery appointments are, on principle, approximate unless clearly agreed otherwise in writing. Compensation is excluded in the event of delayed delivery.

6. Shipping / Packaging / Delivery / Transfer of risk
The Seller carries the costs of careful packaging. Your share of the shipping costs depends on the size of the order as well as the shipping options (per post or forwarding agent). We will inform you upon confirmation of receipt.

7. Due date and Payment
In the event of a first order, we only deliver following advance payment (bank transfer). The items are sent without delay, following receipt of payment. Additional costs resulting from international transfers are always carried by the Buyer. For further orders, the items are delivered with the invoice, which is payable within one week following receipt of goods. The purchase price is to be paid exclusively to the following account:

Claudia Neumann
IBAN: DE75 5053 0000 0002 5020 03
Cronbank AG

In the event of non-payment, the Buyer will automatically be sent an invoice of € 5.00 for reminder fees one month after confirmation of the order.

8. Right of ownership
The items remain the property of Kibonu Claudia Neumann until full payment has been received.

9. Damage in transit
Should you notice any damage to the packaging upon delivery, please ensure that the transport person confirms the damage in writing, and inform the Seller within 3 days, or if necessary, you may refuse receipt of goods.

10. Defects
In the event of obvious defects, please also inform the Seller within 3 days.

11. Guarantees
Any commentary regarding product items on our website are seen exclusively as a description of the nature of the items, and do not represent a guarantee of quality or guarantee of durability. As each Kibonu is hand-made and unique, there will be slight differences in colour, form and size.

12. Right of termination
Termination is excluded if the items have been made according to the customer’s needs, or if the items are quickly perishable, or if, due to their nature, the items are not appropriate for a return shipment.
As each Kibonu is a unique item, hand-made according to the customer’s needs, the right of termination does not apply. Furthermore, living plants are categorically excluded from the right of termination in long-distance trade.

13. Guarantee and Liability for accompanying information
The Seller does not guarantee the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding material damage or non-material damage brought against the Seller as a result of the use of incorrect and incomplete information is categorically excluded insofar as no deliberate or grossly negligent fault can be demonstrated.

14. Changes in the product range
All products on offer are non-binding and free of any obligation. We expressly reserve the right to change or amend parts of the pages or the entire product range, temporarily or permanently, without special announcement.

15. Links
Direct and indirect links to third-party websites, which lie beyond the area of responsibility of the Seller, are covered by liability only when we are aware of the content and when we are technically incapable of preventing illegal content. The Seller herewith declares expressly that, at the time of creating the links, no illegal content was recognised on the linked sites. We do not have any influence over the current and future design, content or authorship of the linked websites. Thus, we herewith expressly distance ourselves from all content of all linked websites which have been changed since the links were created. This declaration applies for all created links of our own internet offers and refers to both external entries in our self-created discussion forums as well as mailing lists. The website provider is solely responsible for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and especially any damage as a result of the use or disuse of presented information.

16. Validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication from which you were referred to this page. Insofar as sections or individual terms of this text do not correspond to the prevailing legal position, or no longer correspond in full, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and their validity.

17. Copyright
The copyright for published objects, created by the Seller, remains solely with the author. Reproduction or use is not permitted without express consent.

18. Privacy Policy
Insofar as personal data is compiled, processed or used through the website, it is assumed that the details of such personal data have been provided voluntarily.
The data saved with the Seller is used solely for dispatch and the delivery of information. Email addresses as well as other personal data such as names and postal address are not passed on to third parties. Since the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure, we cannot rule out that third parties intercept or alter any transmitted data. In matters that require particular confidentiality, other means of transmission should be used. Liability claims under product liability law thereby remain excluded.

19. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction
Place of fulfilment for delivery and payment is Munich. For the implementation of all agreements, German law applies to the exclusion of UN sales law.

20. Severability clause
Should any individual clauses of this contract be or become legally void, or contain a loophole, the remaining clauses shall be unaffected.