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What kind of care does a Kibonu need?

A Kibonu should be given water every 5 days and should be placed on a plant tray to make sure it can soak up the water from below.

According to the size of the Kibonu, we recommend the following amounts of water:

Size S: 40–50 ml
Size M: 60–70 ml
Sizes L & XL: 80–100 ml

The ball of moss should soak up the water quickly and should not stand in water for long periods.

A Kibonu likes places with good light, but no direct sunlight.

Even if the moss appears to be dry on the outside, the soil on the inside stores the water. The soil also provides the plant with nutritients, therefore you won’t need a fertilizer.

If the plant becomes too large, the Kibonu, along with the ball of moss, can simply be transferred to a pot with plant soil.